All our solutions can be packaged in a SAFE, which is a modular data center providing the hosting environment required for your specific operations and applications in collaboration with a strategic partner in our eco system. The benefits are:


The most extreme conditions have no impact on this reliable, weather tight datacenter solution; thermally insulated our datacenter is air- and water-tight and robust!


This self-sufficient system is capable of running at a remote location with low resource consumption and includes built-in power and cooling redundancy that power the racks and their units.


In as little as 6 weeks, the rapid deployment of this standalone data center can also be used to augment the capacity of an existing site. SAFE can cater for all rack and server types without the need to modify the standard execution.


We guarantee a Power Usage Effectiveness ratio well below 1.35 for your SAFE Mobile Datacenter by engineered cooling & power optimization solutions.  Compared to a traditional brick & mortar datacenter, SAFE will achieve a 27% reduction in energy consumption. This is not only beneficial for your energy bill, but also impressively reduces your carbon footprint. With the power configuration CO2 emissions can be reduced by 30% or more!

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