As a company we ambition 5 values: accountability, customer centric, team spirit & passion, integrity en excellence in performance.

These values are the guide line for our employees to be successful in their work and to build up relationships of trust with our clients.

We feel responsible for the services that need to be delivered, we dare to take initiatives to handle business efficiently and reflect on new work methods where necessary.

Customer Centric 
We pursue to exceed our customer’s expectations on quality, rapidity and delivery. We listen to our clients and are continuously looking for improvement to offer the services they need.

Team Spirit & Passion
We operate in the conviction that the efforts of a team are always more productive then those from an individual. The success of SAIT is the success of a driven and passionate team.

We are honest and reliable in everything we do, and we try to comply with our promises. As reliable partner we handle business on a correct and qualitative way by the rules and procedures of the Safety, Health and Environment system and legal conditions. Thanks to this we can build up long lasting relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Excellence in Performance
We operate on a qualitative, efficient and cost effective manner. We focus on tasks with additional value for our clients and our company.