A monitoring system for fishing vessels (VMS) is primarily a tool for surveillance, control and monitoring of fishing activities (SCS).

Our VMS solution enables to follow, very efficiently and economically, activities of fishing vessels and allows them to actively transmit their catch to theVMS%20SAIT.png authority responsible for fisheries management.

The SSN is based on an Inmarsat satellite communication system, data are transferred from ship to satellite, then to a ground station. Then the ground station sends the data to the surveillance center via a public network of secure data transmission or a telephone network using an international communication protocol. Inmarsat offers a very inexpensive transmission mode for very short messages. The positioning is done by coupling with a GPS transceiver Inmarsat.

SAIT proposes also a second solution based on the use of HF communications, which made the system independent to an external operator and drastically reduce the operating coasts.

These surveillance methods differ from traditional methods (air and sea patrols, port inspections, etc..) regarding the extent of the surveillance, the means employed and the overall cost of the offered service.

The equipment installed on fishing vessels (transponder) provides information on vessels position and their activities. The installation of the transponders is relatively simple and can advantageously be performed by qualified installers found in most marine industry suppliers.

The ”position report” function requires no intervention from the ship master. The ‘’capture report” requests the knowledge of the system and an eventual assistance for its use.

For the control station, the chain end, the conviviality degree is determined by the installed software at the surveillance center.

So, SAIT offers two integrated solutions for specific, regional, needs, of the operators and users.