We have a broad expertise field regarding Confined Areas solutions.

SAIT France provides several MRT throughout the world with professional communication solutions, security communication, radio coverage in confined areas, as well as sophisticated tailor made mobile applications.

Throughout the years, SAIT has specialised in Confines Area solutions. Not only we can rely on an experienced Confined Areas team, but we also have a service team who is trained in after sales services to keep you solutions optimal.

Here you can find a non-exhaustive list of our expertises:

  • Emergency communication solutions
    SAIT enables police, fire brigades and other public safety authorities to communicate (TETRA, PMR, Paging,…) in Confines Areas.
  • Maintenance & operations communication solutions
    SAIT enables that service and maintenance teams can perform their work.
  • Mobile phone communication
    SAIT enables the coverage of telecom networks and thus ensures that GSM users can use their mobile phones in Confined Areas.
  • Radio broadcasting
    SAIT enables the perception of broadcasting channels and thus ensures car drivers to listen to their radio.
  • Ground-to-train communication solutions
    SAIT enables the train driver to communicate with the operators in the control centre.