SAIT ensures indoor coverage of radio signals.

Many indoor locations, like buildings and large covered or underground parking areas have limited or even no radio network coverage available. Due to their structures and some construction characteristics (cement, concrete, stone, metal, etc.) radio signals can’t get trough and thus communication in these locations isn’t possible, or is not reliable enough.

For several organizations, like police and fire man, security organizations, as well as mobile telecom operators network coverage in these environments is desirable and for the former even required to ensure safety.

To ensure indoor radio coverage, SAIT offers solutions that undertake the design, installation and commission of the passive components (cables, antennas) as well as the active components (repeaters) of a Confined Area solution. Easily said, the implemented solution captures the outdoor radio signal – TETRA, analogue signal, GSM, work channels, FM, etc. – and inject these signals into radiating cables or antennas which retransmission the radio signal in the indoor location.