We enable reliable long distance aircraft communications.

HF communications (3 to 30MHz) provide cost-effective, non-line-of-sight communications, secure means of communications, reaching far beyond the radio communication range of VHF radio waves.

In aviation, HF radio equipment is covering voice communication to remote international airports and long distance aircraft communications. HF transmissions are also useful where satellite use is neither possible nor practical, such as at the North and South Poles regions or when too expensive.

Based on well proven technology of the HF technologies, HF systems play a vital role in providing means of contact in difficult circumstances. Use of new computer technologies and other hardware solutions strongly reduce HF transmissions fluctuations (due to propagation vagaries and atmospheric radio noise) and provide privacy through scrambling.

Transmitters from 1 KW up to 5 KW are used by SAIT for these air communications.

Applications: Voice, High Speed Data, Selcall, Meteo.