The history of SAIT dates back to 1901, when a group of Belgian entrepreneurs got together to find a solution for the communication problem in the navigation and founded C.T.S.F. – Compagnie Générale de Télégraphie sans Fil. None less than King Leopold II and Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the wireless telegraph, supported them.

The two World Wars brought some turbulent times but the company manages to stand firm and becomes an important player in the radio communication world. Following World War II, the company’s (then named S.A.I.T. – Société Anonyme Internationale de Télégraphie sans fil) expertise and technology were broadened by partnerships and take-overs. Amongst others the French company Halberthal, specialized in metro & tramway communication became part of the group.

In 1992 the company, who was then one of the market leaders in radio communication, became SAIT Radio Holland.

Later on, after a merger with the Norwegian STENTO who was a leading provider in intercom systems for the navigation, public institutions and companies, the company again changed its name, this time into Zenitel.

With a focus on her core business, Zenitel Belgium and Zenitel Wireless France became mid 2009, thanks to a group of Belgium investors, an independent company who focuses on improving and enlarging her portfolio of maritime, metro & light rail, aviation and Confines Areas solutions. These four business niches will be deployed and operational, in France and Belgium, under the unique and well known name of SAIT.

In November 2014 Securitas, has taken over the SAIT in Belgium in order to acquire a broad range of technology solutions for the Belgium market but also in other territories.

Since July 2016, SAIT (Belgium) and SECURITAS have been merged together.